Amy’s Testimony

I was born in California and lived there for the first five years of my life. All of my mom’s family lives in California, and my dad’s family lives in Ohio. In the summer of 1992, my family packed up and drove across the country to start a new life in Ohio. Making the transition wasn’t that hard for me, a five-year-old. Ask my pre-teen brothers or my parents, and they’d probably have different things to say about the transition!

Elementary school and high school were great for me. I had wonderful friends and was involved in our church youth group all through school. (Thankfully, I committed my life to Christ when I was just nine years old and this set a strong foundation for me as I grew older.) I had an awesome childhood growing up and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Growing up with two older brothers was a blast, and I love them dearly. Our parents provided us with a loving environment to grow up in, and it’s filled with many special memories!

Unfortunately, after twenty-five years of marriage, our parents chose to get a divorce. This was a complete shock to me and my brothers. And so our story begins…

My parents’ divorce brought baggage into my own life that I’ve had to learn to recognize and deal with. It brought pain, frustration, and sadness into my life. It brought jealousy and anxiety that was now taking hold of my heart. I acquired baggage that I’d never experienced before. My life had dramatically changed, and I had to learn to live in this new normal.

It’s those experiences that drive me to want to help other families and other children of divorce.

With the support and blessing of our entire family, my dad and I are simply taking our family’s story and putting it out there for people to learn from. We’re taking what we’ve learned on our own personal journey and hoping it can help someone else who is walking the same path. We’ve seen what God can do in our own lives, and we believe He wants to do the same redemptive work in the people around us!
If I could tell kids of divorce (at any age!! 5, 15, or 35) one thing…

What happens in your family will effect you whether you think it will or not. Recognize that, do not be embarrassed by it, and now get help to deal with that baggage. If you don’t, it will continue to be baggage in your life and you will not be able to walk in complete freedom from what’s happened in your family.